I make all my fees and policies as transparent as possible to you before you commit to lessons. Please read through the below, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me via the contact page.


1/2 hour - £25

3/4 hour - £30

1 hour - £35

Timings and scheduling will be agreed with you in advance before lessons start, following a discussion with you or your child to determine the best lesson schedule for musical development. 

Billing takes place in blocks of five weeks, starting after the initial trial lesson. This means you will be sent an invoice at your email address, which must be paid in full before lessons can commence. If a lesson within this block of five is cancelled and is not charged for (please see the cancellation and teacher absence or illness policies below for details of when cancelled lessons may be chargeable) then the billing date of the next invoice will be moved forward one week from the date it otherwise would have been due. If the lesson is charged for, billing will continue as normal.

There is no obligation to continue with lessons after the trial lesson if you do not want to.

If a lesson is rescheduled, the rescheduled lesson will take place within the 5 week billing period. 

Please pay all invoices in full and on time to the bank details provided on the invoice. I do not accept cash payments. This allows me to continue provision of services to you without any interruption. Thank you!

Lesson Times

I teach between the hours of 12pm - 9pm, Monday to Friday, and 9am - 6pm Saturday and Sunday. Your lesson will be scheduled within those times. If the time allocated to you is not convenient for you, I will do my best to accommodate, but I also teach out at student's homes so there are certain times I will be unable to accommodate. I will be as flexible as possible in this regard to find a mutually agreeable time.

Lesson locations

Lessons usually take place in my home in Cardiff city centre. However, online lessons are also offered to every student if they so wish. I have no preference as to whether lessons take place online or at my home - all I would ask is that if you wish to take online lessons, you have a quiet space with a digital or acoustic piano that allows you to receive lessons without interruption. You do not need any expensive audio equipment to take online lessons - lessons are conducted through video conferencing software that is available on most modern smartphones.

I do occasionally travel to student's homes to conduct lessons. This is done on a discretionary basis and is only for students within the Cardiff and Penarth area. Lessons conducted at student's homes will be subject to a £5 surcharge per lesson. If you are outside Cardiff and are unable to travel to my studio, lessons will be conducted online. Students who would like lessons to take place at their home must have a digital or acoustic piano available.

For lessons that take place at my home, limited on and off-site visitor parking is available at no charge.

Practice Policy

All students are expected to practice as this is the only way to improve. I will work with you or your child to ensure we have a practice plan in place, but there needs to be a certain degree of autonomy and impetus from the student in terms of their attitude towards practice. If lessons are progressing and it is becoming evident that practise is not taking place, we may need to discuss alternative arrangements to ensure you or your child is getting the most from my lessons.

Cancellation Policy

I expect all students to attend regularly and arrive promptly for their lessons. However I recognise that certain situations may mean that you cannot attend occasionally. Providing 48 hours notice is given for a lesson cancellation, no charge will be made. Cancellations within 48 hours will mean the lesson is chargeable. This also applies to online lessons. 

If you wish to reschedule your lesson instead of cancelling, every effort will be made to accommodate you. In any case, your rescheduled lesson will take place within your current 5 week billing period.

Should any student who typically has lessons in person at my studio contract COVID-19, the lesson will be moved online until the student is no longer ill. If this is not possible, the lesson will be rescheduled.

Teacher Absence or Illness

Notice of any teacher absence or illness will be given to all relevant students as far in advance as possible. Every effort will be made not to cancel lessons in this situation, but if it is unavoidable, then the lesson will not be charged.

Behaviour policy

Students are expected to treat me and my home with respect. Should any student exhibit behaviour that is unacceptable, causes damage to my home or is disrespectful to me, the student will be sent home. Repeated instances of this behaviour will result in termination of lessons. Lessons cancelled under this policy are non-refundable.

Termination of lessons

I'd hate to see you go, but unfortunately I realise that there are a number of reasons you may not want to continue with lessons. I have therefore made the termination policy as flexible as possible. 

As I work with 5 week billing periods, any time you give notice will mean that the billing period you are currently in will be your last one. For example - if you give your notice in week 2 of a 5 week billing period, your lessons will cease at week 5 of that billing period. 

Please ensure you give at least two weeks' notice before the end of the billing period. This will avoid any unnecessary invoices being sent to you. Notice given after this period will be subject to a minimum two week notice period - which may result in another invoice being sent to you for the relevant period.

Should you require any clarity on any of these policies, please don't hesitate to reach out to me either via email at r[email protected] or by filling out the form below.

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